People Said


    This workshop was fascinating and in my view will turn me into a better photographer.

    Gestalt factors help us to see that a whole exists independently from the component parts, thereby imbuing a photograph with an inner dynamic that works at the unconscious level.

    I had already subconsciously understood this, but the principles that we practiced at the workshop provide a really good framework for development and self-reflection.

    By the way the workshop was also great fun, so many thanks for that Knut.



    Yes, I took the chance to prepare for the workshop at home and during the workshop in Berlin I learned absolutely new ways to look for pictures that are worth to be captures as photograph.

    Knut offers a comprehensive framework for the photographer, much of it based on psychological aspects.

    To me this combination plus having a great team to work with was an experience and I would definitely recommend it to people that are interested in developing their photographic skills further.

    It’s not important what type of camera you are using and it will be no technical tips & tricks thing – it’s on content and the photographic message.

    Thank you for the great time in Berlin, Knut ☺



    “I’ll try not to be too embarrassing Knut but this workshop has been a wonderful experience for me. From the beginning. All the preparation on gestalt factors with the material you provided us was astonishing for me. I helped see classic photographers work and my own shots in way I never would have. Amazing how many times those factors were used by the huge photographers, be they aware of it or not. So this drove me to think my shots differently.

    Then the days of the workshop itself were grand! I took more than 3000 shots. You took us to the places we had the best opportunities to make beautiful shots and my eyes were everywhere and we all had a clear objective. The discussions we had on our work were also a great moment. I learned so much during I can’t believe it happened in so few days.

    Well to sum it I am just amazed how much I learned being part of this workshop and I keep learning ☺ .



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